General Order Supplier

Our aim is to provide cost efficient products to our clients on a larger scale to ensure best quality services and perfect goods required by our customers. We provide General Order supplies to multiple companies including all the material & services. We offer complete guidance, assistance, operational and technical support to export all types of Pakistani goods and materials to the partners.

We are working with Government offices, Embassies, Multinational Firms, NGO’s, local companies etc.

Our Items:

  • All type of office equipment including office stationary and office furniture etc.
  • Computer technologies, accessories, printers, ICT equipment.
  • Electronics, machineries, AC, fans, refrigerators, generators, Fax Machines etc.
  • Food Items,
  • Relief products for Hospitals and Health Cares
  • Accessories for Educational Institutions including Uniforms, bags, books, printing material, etc.
  • Construction material for Houses including Bricks, Cement, Iron, CGI Sheets, lights, Design and Fabrication of House Hold Items (Steel Beds / Tables, Chairs Etc.)